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To Join the National Audubon Society please complete this form and return with Introductory Membership fee of $20 (payable to the Natiional Audubon Society, or indicate you wish to be billed) to Golden Triangle Audubon Society, P.O. Box 1292, Nederland, TX 77627-1292. To use this form to give a membership as a gift, please complete the form and indicate your name in the appropriate space.  Payment should accompany gift memberships.


Gift From:
______Check enclosed  ___ Please bill me
Golden Triangle Auduon 7XCH8W25

Brown Pelican Subscription Form

To subscribe to the Brown Pelican, please complete this form or include the information on or with your check. Mail to Golden Triangle Audubon Society, P.O. Box 1292, Nederland, Texas 77627-1292 or bring to any Membership Meeting. Subscriptions from National Audubon members with mailing addresses outside our official territory, and others wishing to subscribe are $15 per year.  Members with addressess within our official territory are asked to contribute $15 also if they are able.



Tel. No: _______________________________


Below is a listing of Rare Bird Alert telephone numbers for nearby areas. Transcriptions of current tapes are available on the World Wide Web at 
Detailed information (maps and text) on birding sites on the Upper Texas Coast is also available on the Web at 
This includes all the Jefferson County hotspots published in early issues.

Golden Triangle 409-768-1340
Texas (Houston) 713-369-9673
Abilene 915-691-8981
Austin 512-926-8751
Ft. Worth (N.Cent) 817-329-1930
Lubbock 806-797-6690
N. E. Texas 903-839-4804
Rio Grande Valley 210-969-2731
San Antonio 210-308-6788
Waco 254-299-8170
Louisiana 504-768-9874