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Golden Triangle Audubon Society
Calendar of Events

The Brown Pelican
Vol. 5, No. 12   Dec. 1999

Golden Triangle 
Audubon Society

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Steve Mayes (722-5807)
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Recording Secretary
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Corresponding Secretary
John Whittle (722-4193)


Bob Collier (892-6654)
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Jeannie Lanclos (724-1307)
Sherrie Roden (962-7911)
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Jana Whittle (722-4193)
Field Trips
Steve Mayes (722-5807)
Joe Halbrook (892-3090)
Volunteer Needed
Volunteer Needed
Jeannie Lanclos (724-1307)
Newsletter Editor
John Whittle (722-4193)
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Nederland, TX 77627-6749

The Brown Pelican is
published monthly except July by the Golden Triangle Audubon Society,
P. O. Box 1292, Nederland,
Texas 77627-1292

If you can present a program of interest to a Membership Meeting, or know of some person who can, please contact Jana Whittle at (409) 722-4193.
 For more information on field trips, please contact Steve Mayes, (409) 722-5807 or the trip leader. 

January 22 - Field Trip
Cattail Marsh in Tyrrell Park. Meeting at the Gate at 8:00 a.m. Leader Steve Mayes

February 3 through 9 - Home and Garden Show
Please volunteer to help set up and man our booth at this show to be held February 4 through 6 at the Beaumont Civic Center

February 17 - Membership Meeting
Speaker and Topic not yet confirmed

February 19- Field Trip
Nature Conservancy's Sandyland Sanctuary, looking for the wintering birds of Southeast Texas.  Brown-headed Nuthatches are quite common in the area, and we should find woodpeckers and a few sparrows in the open areas.  Meet at the Sanctrary parking lot at 7:30 a.m. After rains the low lying parts of the sanctuary and the flood plain trail may be wet or even under water. Rubber boots recommended in those circumstances. 
The Sancuary is on Highway 327, which runs from Highway 69/287 just south of Kounzte over to Business Highway 96 in Silsbee.  Fron the south, it is probably easiest to take Highway 69/287 and turn right (east) on Highway 327.  The entrance to the parking lot is on the north side of the road, immediately after the highway dips down to cross Village Creek. (Most of the sanctuary is on a bluff on the east side of the creek.)

March 16 -- Membership Meeting
Tenetatively, P.D. Hulce will be the speaker. "P.D." is the immediate past president of Houston Audubon and an avid participant in and compiler of Christmas Bird Counts,

March 18 -- Field Trip
Following traditionally, we will seek early migrating shorebirds at Bolivar Flats, meeting at the vehicle barrier at 8:30 a.m., or join the group out on the flats shortly after.  The Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary is accessed from Highway 87 about three miles east of the Ferry landing on the Bolvar.  Turn South from Highway 87 along Rettilon Road (opposite the eastern intersecton of Loop 108 with Highway 87.  If sand conditions permit, drive approximately on half mile  to the vehicle barrier.

Sabine Woods

   The TOS Sanctuary Committee under its new chair, Dr. Brent Ortego, has adopted a more enlightened policy towards maintenance activities. Provided that there are not substantial numbers of birders or migrants in the woods, we may perform "low impact" maintenance during the perviously "closed" March 15 through May 31 period, although we will not bushhog trails or work inside the main woods during that period. Authorization has been given to continue trail maintenance to continue tallow control activities, and to commence rose control.  Because almost all the tallows remaining are well away from the main woods, we will try to treat them this spring while they are in the growing phase.  We will probably commence rose control activities, which will produce temporarily unsightly areas, no earlier than May 10.
   We have tentatively scheduled a majoy work day for March 11, but the opportunity exists for volunteers to work on tallow and vine control projects, and other "outside the woods" projects at any  time during the spring, but probably best not on weekends or during the second half of April. Let us know if you can help!

Each month, we rely on volunteers to provide the refreshments at our mem-bership meeting. Volun-teers are needed for all meetings in 2000.
We still have no volunteers for January, Please contact Jana Whittle, 722-4193, with your offer to help.

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