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Bird Sightings - January 2000
Coverage: Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Angelina, San Augustine and Sabine counties. Send Reports to: John Whittle, 3015 Nashville Avenue, Nederland, Texas 77627-6749 by the 10th of the month after or e-mail to or call (409) 880-8276 or fax to (409) 880-8270. For  "very rare" birds, please submit a brief account of your sighting, including a description of the bird (unless unmistakable), brief details of what it was doing, and where it was seen (if on publicly accessible property).
Format: "Common" to "abundant" birds are shown in the fashion "JEF 4 reps(25)" which means four reports in 

Jefferson  County  totaling  25 birds.  Less  than "common", as 
"JEF-SW 7/5(2) ABC", which means seen in Jefferson County  (JEF) at Sabine Woods (SW) on the 5th of July, two (2) birds, reported by observer "ABC". 
Commentary: This month's report is dominated by the Sea Rim State Park CBC, which saw 29 observers in the field for a whole day. Weather conditions during the month were warmer than and drier than average for the most part, but we received few reports. The wintering hummingbirds have thinned out. Waterfowl are still concentrated in a few areas, such as the Keith Lake area of Murphree WMA.


LOON, Common JEF 1 rep(1)
GREBE, Pied-billed JEF 5 reps(1105)
GREBE, Horned JEF-MURW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-PI 1/2(2) SRCB
GREBE, Eared JEF 3 reps(13)
GANNET, Northern JEF-SRSP 1/2(115) JAW
PELICAN, American White JEF 7 reps(1118)
PELICAN, Brown JEF 13 reps(172)
CORMORANT, Neotropic JEF 13 reps(662)
CORMORANT, Double-crest. JEF 6 reps(405)
CORMORANT, Species JEF 3 reps(299)
BITTERN, American JEF-SRSP 1/2(1) SRCB
HERON, Great Blue JEF 11 reps(79)
EGRET, Great JEF 12 reps(298)
EGRET, Snowy JEF 8 reps(161)
HERON, Little Blue JEF 2 reps(45)
HERON, Tricolored JEF 2 reps(37)
EGRET, Cattle JEF 7 reps(41)
HERON, Green JEF 1/2(1) SRCB
NIGHT-HERON, Black-cr. JEF 1 rep(55)
NIGHT-HERON, Yellow-cr. JEF 1/2(4) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(2) SRCB
IBIS, White JEF 1/2(70) JAW; JEF 1/2(13) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(106) SRCB; JEF-TX87 1/2(47) SRCB; JEF 1/9(55) JAW; JEF 1/15(3) JAW; JEF-TP 1/16(3) JAW; JEF-TP 1/22(5) FTTP
IBIS, White-faced JEF 1/2(2) JAW; JEF-MURW 1/2(303) SRCB; JEF-PI 1/2(30) SRCB; JEF 1/9(38) JAW; JEF-TP 1/16(3) JAW; JEF-TP 1/22(95) FTTP; JEF 1/30(3) JAW
IBIS, Plegadis JEF 1/2(34) JAW; JEF 1/9(749) JAW; JEF 1/15(14) JAW; JEF-TP 1/16(250) JAW; JEF 1/30(1) JAW
SPOONBILL, Roseate JEF 7 reps(338)
VULTURE, Black JEF 6 reps(81)
VULTURE, Turkey JEF 9 reps(77)
GOOSE, White-fronted JEF 3 reps(210)
GOOSE, Snow JEF 6 reps(8806)
GOOSE, Ross's JEF 1/2(6) JAW; JEF-NEDR 1/2(2) JAW; JEF-PI 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TX87 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TP 1/22(4) FTTP
GOOSE, Canada JEF 4 reps(123)
DUCK, Wood JEF 1/15(14) JAW
GADWALL JEF 4 reps(1361); ORA 1 rep(87)
WIGEON, American JEF 2 reps(533)
MALLARD JEF 4 reps(61)
DUCK, Mottled JEF 1/2(4) JAW; JEF-MURW 1/2(14) SRCB; JEF-PI 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-TP 1/16(2) JAW; JEF-TP 1/22(10) FTTP; JEF 1/30(4) JAW
TEAL, Blue-winged JEF 4 reps(435)
TEAL, Cinnamon JEF-TP 1/22(4) FTTP
SHOVELER, Northern JEF 7 reps(947); ORA 1 rep(23)
PINTAIL, Northern JEF 5 reps(315)
TEAL, Green-winged JEF 4 reps(6016)
DUCK, Ring-necked JEF 3 reps(745)
SCAUP, Greater JEF-PI 1/2(4) SRCB
SCAUP, Lesser JEF 5 reps(230); ORA 1 rep(45)
SCAUP species JEF 1 rep(300)
SCOTER, White-winged JEF-SRSP 1/2(2) JAW
BUFFLEHEAD JEF 2 reps(251); ORA 1 rep(4)
MERGANSER, Hooded JEF 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(15) SRCB; JEF-TXPT 1/9(16) JAW; JEF-TP 1/16(1) JAW
MERGANSER, Red-breasted JEF 1 rep(5)
DUCK species JEF 2 reps(522)
DUCK, Ruddy JEF 5 reps(405)
KITE, White-tailed JEF 5 reps(17)
HARRIER, Northern JEF 8 reps(87)
HAWK, Sharp-shinned JEF 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF 1/9(2) JAW; JEF 1/15(1) JAW; JEF-NEDR 1/15(1) JAW
HAWK, Cooper's JEF 1/2(4) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TX87 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF 1/9(2) JAW; JEF 1/15(1) JAW; JEF-SRSP 1/16(1) JAW
ACCIPITER species JEF-SW 1/16(1) JAW; ORA 1/22(1) KS
HAWK, Red-shouldered JEF 9 reps(16)
HAWK, Red-tailed JEF 16 reps(175)
HAWK, Red-tailed (Krider's) JEF-TXPT 1/9(1) JAW; JEF-TP 1/16(1) JAW; JEF-TX87 1/16(2) JAW
HAWK, Rough-legged JEF 1/2(1) SRCB
KESTREL, American JEF 13 reps(219)
MERLIN JEF 1/2(2) JAW; JEF 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF 1/9(1) JAW; JEF 1/15(1) JAW; JEF 1/17(1) JAW; JEF-SW 1/23(1) KS
FALCON, Peregrine JEF-MURW 1/2(1) SRCB
BOBWHITE, Northern JEF 2 reps(6)
RAIL, Clapper JEF 3 reps(4)
RAIL, Virginia JEF-SRSP 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TP 1/16(1) JAW
MOORHEN, Common JEF 2 reps(7)
COOT, American JEF 5 reps(4795); ORA 1 rep(587)
CRANE, Sandhill JEF 1/2(23) JAW
PLOVER, Black-bellied JEF 5 reps(89)
PLOVER, Snowy JEF-SRSP 1/2(9) JAW; JEF-SRSP 1/2(7) SRCB; JEF-SRSP 1/16(9) JAW
PLOVER, Piping JEF-SRSP 1/2(2) JAW; JEF-SRSP 1/2(6) SRCB; JEF-SRSP 1/16(1) JAW
KILLDEER JEF 13 reps(232)
STILT, Black-necked JEF 4 reps(175)
AVOCET, American JEF 4 reps(302)
YELLOWLEGS, Greater JEF 4 reps(20)
YELLOWLEGS, Lesser JEF 3 reps(12)
YELLOWLEGS species JEF 3 reps(8)
SANDPIPER, Solitary JEF 1/2(1) SRCB
WILLET JEF 5 reps(179)
SANDPIPER, Spotted JEF 1/2(4) SRCB; JEF-PI 1/2(4) SRCB
CURLEW, Long-billed JEF 3 reps(7)
SANDERLING JEF 3 reps(990)
SANDPIPER, Western JEF 3 reps(66)
SANDPIPER, Least JEF 3 reps(119)
DUNLIN JEF 4 reps(1910)
DOWITCHER, Long-billed JEF 2 reps(100)
DOWITCHER species JEF 2 reps(12)
SNIPE, Common JEF 5 reps(14)
WOODCOCK, American JEF-SW 1/2(6) SRCB
GULL, Laughing JEF 9 reps(865)
GULL, Bonaparte's JEF 3 reps(1532)
GULL, Ring-billed JEF 8 reps(1646)
GULL, Herring JEF 4 reps(109)
TERN, Gull-billed JEF 1/9(2) JAW
TERN, Caspian JEF 2 reps(4)
TERN, Royal JEF 4 reps(177)
TERN, Common JEF-SRSP 1/2(2) JAW; JEF-SRSP 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TXPT 1/9(1) JAW
TERN, Forster's JEF 5 reps(322)
SKIMMER, Black JEF 2 reps(41)
DOVE, Rock JEF 5 reps(31)
COLLARED-DOVE, Eurasian JEF-TX87 1/2(1) JAW; JEF-TX87 1/2(5) SRCB; JEF 1/9(8) JAW; JEF 1/17(4) JAW; JEF 1/30(2) JAW
DOVE, White-winged JEF-TX87 1/2(32) SRCB; JEF-TX87 1/9(19) JAW
DOVE, Mourning JEF 15 reps(473)
DOVE, Inca JEF 4 reps(15); ORA 1 rep(6)
OWL, Barn JEF 1/2(5) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(2) SRCB
OWL, Great Horned JEF 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(1) 
SRCB; JEF-SW 1/9(1) JAW; JEF 1/23(1) KS; JEF-BMT 1/24-31(1) RAJ; JEF 1/30(2) KS; JEF-SW 1/30(1) KS
OWL, Barred JEF-TX87 1/2(1) SRCB
OWL, Short-eared JEF-MURW 1/2(1) SRCB
HUMMINGBIRD, Black-chin. JEF-NEDR 1/2(1) JAW; JEF-SW 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-NEDR 1/4(1) JAW; JEF-NEDR 1/5(1) JFW; JEF-NEDR 1/6(1) JAW
HUMMINGBIRD. Archilochus JEF-SW 1/2(1) JAW
HUMMINGBIRD, Rufous JEF-BMT 1/1-31(2) RAJ; JEF-NEDR 1/2(1) JAW; JEF-NEDR 1/5(1) JFW; JEF-NEDR 1/6(1) JAW
KINGFISHER, Belted JEF 9 reps(44)
WOODPECKER, Red-bellied JEF 5 reps(9)
SAPSUCKER, Yellow-bell. JEF 5 reps(10)
WOODPECKER, Downy JEF 6 reps(28)
FLICKER, Northern JEF 3 reps(8)
PHOEBE, Eastern JEF 14 reps(122)
SHRIKE, Loggerhead JEF 13 reps(333)
VIREO, White-eyed JEF-PI 1/2(1) SRCB
VIREO, Blue-headed JEF 3 reps(5)
JAY, Blue JEF 15 reps(130)
CROW, American JEF 4 reps(12)
CROW, Fish JEF-TP 1/22(17) FTTP
SWALLOW, Tree JEF-NEDR 1/2(1) JAW; JEF-TP 1/22(25) FTTP
CHICKADEE, Carolina JEF 4 reps(18)
TITMOUSE, Tufted ORA 1 rep(4)
NUTHATCH, Red-breasted JEF-BMT 1/1-31(1) RAJ
NUTHATCH, Brown-headed JEF-SW 1/23(1) KS
WREN, Carolina JEF 4 reps(5); ORA 1 rep(1)
WREN, House JEF 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-SRSP 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(5) SRCB; JEF-TP 1/16(1) JAW; JEF 1/23(2) KS; JEF 1/30(2) KS
WREN, Sedge JEF 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(3) SRCB; JEF-SRSP 1/2(4) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/16(1) JAW
WREN, Marsh JEF 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(3) SRCB; JEF-SRSP 1/2(7) SRCB; JEF-TX87 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TP 1/22(3) FTTP
KINGLET, Golden-crowned JEF 1/2(8) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(2) SRCB
KINGLET, Ruby-crowned JEF 6 reps(87)
GNATCATCHER, Blue-gray JEF 8 reps(96)
BLUEBIRD, Eastern JEF 8 reps(47)
THRUSH, Hermit JEF 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/9(1) JAW; JEF-SW 1/16(1) JAW; JEF-SW 1/23(1) KS
ROBIN, American JEF 9 reps(43)
CATBIRD, Gray JEF 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-MURW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-PI 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(3) JAW; JEF-SW 1/2(3) SRCB; JEF-TX87 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/9(1) JAW; JEF 1/23(2) KS; JEF-SW 1/23(2) KS; JEF 1/30(2) KS JEF-SW 1/30(2) KS
MOCKINGBIRD, Northern JEF 17 reps(197)
THRASHER, Brown JEF 8 reps(79)
STARLING, European JEF 14 reps(562)
PIPIT, American JEF 4 reps(22)
WAXWING, Cedar JEF 1 rep(5)
WARBLER, Orange-crowned JEF 7 reps(103)
WARBLER, Yellow-rumped JEF 12 reps(864); ORA 1 rep(23)
WARBLER, Pine JEF 6 reps(41)
WARBLER, Palm JEF-MURW 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TP 1/22(1) FTTP; JEF 1/30(1) KS
YELLOWTHROAT, Common JEF 8 reps(36)
TOWHEE, Spotted JEF 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/23(1) KS
TOWHEE, Eastern JEF-SW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/30(1) KS
SPARROW, Chipping JEF 2 reps(3); ORA 1 rep(28)
SPARROW, Field JEF 1/2(10) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF 1/23(8) KS; JEF-SW 1/23(3) KS; JEF 1/30(3) KS
SPARROW, Vesper JEF-TP 1/16(1) JAW; JEF 1/23(5) KS
SPARROW, Savannah JEF 12 reps(498)
SPARROW, LeConte's JEF 1/2(2) SRCB
SPARROW, Nelson's Sharp-t. JEF 3 reps(102)
SPARROW, Seaside JEF 1 rep(12)
SPARROW, Fox JEF-SW 1/30(6) KS
SPARROW, Song JEF 7 reps(46)
SPARROW, Lincoln's JEF 1/2(14) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(1) JAW; JEF-SW 1/2(2) SRCB; JEF 1/23(3) KS
SPARROW, Swamp JEF 8 reps(112)
SPARROW, White-throated JEF 10 reps(288)
SPARROW, White-crowned JEF 1/2(8) SRCB; JEF-SW 1/2(1) SRCB; JEF-TX87 1/2(3) SRCB; JEF 1/9(2) JAW; JEF 1/15(13) JAW; JEF-SW 1/16(1) JAW; JEF-TP 1/16(7) JAW; JEF-TP 1/22(30) FTTP; JEF 1/23(18) KS; JEF 1/30(1) KS
CARDINAL, Northern JEF 14 reps(130)
BLACKBIRD, Red-winged JEF 11 reps(7314)
MEADOWLARK, Eastern JEF 5 reps(63)
MEADOWLARK species JEF 6 reps(78)
BLACKBIRD, Brewer's JEF 1/2(10) JAW; JEF 1/30(10) JAW
GRACKLE, Common JEF 8 reps(1107)
GRACKLE, Boat-tailed JEF 9 reps(894)
GRACKLE, Great-tailed JEF 9 reps(584)
COWBIRD, Brown-headed JEF 8 reps(480)
BLACKBIRD species JEF 2 reps(525)
FINCH, House JEF-NEDR 1/2(4) JAW
GOLDFINCH, American JEF 13 reps(129); ORA 1 rep(28)
SPARROW, House JEF 6 reps(117)

Number of Species 178
Number of Individuals 63682

County Abbreviations: 
JEF - Jefferson; ORA - Orange

Location Codes: 
BMT - Beaumont; MURW - J. D. Murphree WMA; NEDR - Nederland; PI - Pleasure Island, Port Arthur; SRSP - Sea Rim State Park; SW - Sabine Woods; TP - Tyrrell Park incl. Cattail Marsh; TX87 - Texas 87 Pt. Arthur-Sabine Pass-Sea Rim; TXPT - Road to Pilot Station at Texas Point

Observer Abbreviations: 
FTTP - Field Trip to Tyrrell Park/Cattail Marsh; JAW - John Whittle; JFW - Jana Whittle; KS - Ken Sztraky; RAJ - Rose Ann Jordan; SRCB - Sea Rim Christmas Bird Count.

Details of Rare Birds
Surf Scoter - 2 January 2000 - Dwight and Richard Peake
Seen on the Gulf from Sea Rim during the Christmas count. Two birds (along with eight others identified only as scoter species). Large dark ducks, with white patches on crown and back of head. No white seen around eye or on wing.

Rough-legged Hawk - 2 January 2000 - Tex Wells, Nancy and Don Fisher, Jana Whittle.
Seen on Sea Rim Christmas Count on salt grass prairie with trees in Sabine Pass. Large hawk. Tail light brown with very thin bands. Head light brown and white streaked. Brown and white streaked feathers on legs. In flight, white on the tail and white patches on the upper wings were seen.

American Oystercatcher - 2 January 2000 - Nancy and Don Fisher, Jana Whittle
Seen on rocks on edge of Sabine Neches Waterway during Sea Rim Christmas Count. Unmistakable with black and white pattern and long orange bill. Very rare in Jefferson County.

Solitary Sandpiper - 2 January 2000 - Carol Lynn Loker
Seen on the road to the Pilot Station at Texas Pont during the Sea Rim Count. A smallish sandpiper, but larger than a "Peep", with greenish legs and a longish straight black bill. Medium gray back, streaked breast, white lower belly and vent.

Black-chinned Hummingbird - 2 January 2000 - John Whittle
An immature male hummingbird seen at the feeder in Sabine Woods during the Sea Rim Christmas count. "Normal" sized hummingbird with fairly long, thinnish, slightly curved bill. Upper parts bright metallic green. Underparts very dingy white with grayish-green flanks. Throat evenly marked with streaks a few enlarged. Streaks on throat were dark from numerous different angles. Wing tips did not quite reach the tip of the tail when perched. Outermost primary sharply curved at end and somewhat broad at tip.