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Bird Sightings - October 1999

 Coverage: Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Angelina, San Augustine and Sabine counties. Send Reports to: John Whittle, 3015 Nashville Avenue, Nederland, Texas 77627-6749 by the 10th of the month after or e-mail to or call (409) 880-8276 or fax to (409) 880-8270. For  "very rare" birds, please submit a brief account of your sighting, including a description of the bird (unless unmistakable), brief details of what it was doing, and where it was seen (if on publicly accessible property).
Format: "Common" to "abundant" birds are shown in the fashion "JEF 4 reps(25)" which means four reports in Jefferson  County  totaling  25 birds.  Less  than "common", as 
"JEF-SW 7/5(2) ABC", which means seen in Jefferson County (JEF) at Sabine Woods (SW) on the 5th of July, two (2) birds, reported by observer "ABC". 
Commentary: October quite frequently produces almost as many different species as April. Although this turns out this year to be a slight exaggeration, the variety of species is nevertheless quite astonishing. Over 200 species were reported. Many neotropical migrants were seen, even as sparrows and waterfowl began to put in an appearance. Once again, we have condensed the reporting of some species in order to keep the report within reasonable length limits. Details are presented for many very rare species.
 GREBE, Pied-billed ANG 1 rep(68)
PELICAN, American White JEF 4 reps(99)
PELICAN, Brown JEF-SRSP 10/17(194) JAW
CORMORANT, Neotropic JEF 7 reps(65)
CORMORANT, Double-crested ANG 2 reps(15); JEF5 reps(22)
ANHINGA ANG 1 rep(6); JEF 2 reps(2)
BITTERN, American JEF-TX87 10/20(1) GD
HERON, Great Blue ANG 1 rep(5); JEF 8 reps(23)
EGRET, Great ANG 2 reps(53); JEF 7 reps(34)
EGRET, Snowy ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 5 reps(13)
HERON, Little Blue ANG 1 rep(1)
HERON, Tricolored JEF 1 rep(3)
EGRET, Reddish JEF 2 reps(2)
EGRET, Cattle JEF 5 reps(28)
HERON, Green ANG 10/2(1) BPTY; JEF-TXPT 10/23(1) FTSW
NIGHT-HERON, Black-cr. JEF 1 rep(12)
NIGHT-HERON, Yellow-cr. JEF-TX87 10/3(5) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-TX87 10/27(1) KS
IBIS, White ANG 2 reps(8); JEF 6 reps(44)
IBIS, Plegadis JEF-TX87 10/10(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/23(27) FTSW
SPOONBILL, Roseate JEF-TX87 10/3(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/9(2) JAW; JEF 10/12(8) HD; JEF-TX87 10/13(1) KS; JEF-TP 10/16(50) JH; JEF-TXPT 10/17(1) JAW
VULTURE, Black JEF 5 reps(19)
VULTURE, Turkey ANG 1 rep(5); JEF 11 reps(41)
WHISTLING-DUCK, Black-bell. JEF 10/10(6) HD
GOOSE, Gtr. White-fronted JEF 10 reps(4087) 
GOOSE, Snow JEF-SW 10/23(13) FTSW; JEF-TX87 10/23(10) FTSW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(24) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/31(36) KS
DUCK, Wood ANG 10/2(100) BPTY; ANG 10/10(5) DW
TEAL, Blue-winged ANG 1 rep(200); JEF 2 reps(108)
SHOVELER, Northern ANG 1 rep(2)
PINTAIL, Northern JEF 3 reps(30)
SCAUP, Lesser JEF-SRSP 10/23(25) FTSW
OSPREY JEF 10/17(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/17(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/23(1) FTSW
KITE, White-tailed JEF 4 reps(4)
EAGLE, Bald ANG 10/2(2) BPTY
HARRIER, Northern JEF 7 reps(18)
HAWK, Sharp-shinned ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 6 reps(13)
HAWK, Cooper's JEF 3 reps(4)
HAWK, Red-shouldered ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 3 reps(5)
HAWK, Broad-winged JEF 4 reps(5)
HAWK, Swainson's JEF 1 rep(1)
HAWK, Red-tailed JEF 6 reps(14)
KESTREL, American JEF 12 reps(34)
MERLIN JEF-SW 10/3(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/13(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/20(1) GD; JEF-SRSP 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-TX87 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/31(1) KS
BOBWHITE, Northern JEF 3 reps(9)
RAIL, Clapper JEF 3 reps(9)
RAIL, King JEF-TX87 10/13(2) KS
COOT, American JEF 1 rep(1)
 PLOVER, Black-bellied JEF 4 reps(27)
PLOVER, Snowy JEF-SRSP 10/10(2) JAW; JEF-SRSP 10/17(3) JAW; JEF 10/31(14) GD
PLOVER, Semipalmated JEF 4 reps(13)
PLOVER, Piping JEF-SRSP 10/10(4) JAW; JEF-SRSP 10/17(2) JAW
KILLDEER JEF 5 reps(14)
STILT, Black-necked JEF 4 reps(37)
AVOCET, American JEF 3 reps(64)
YELLOWLEGS, Greater JEF 1 rep(2)
YELLOWLEGS, Lesser JEF 4 reps(26)
YELLOWLEGS species JEF 1 rep(1)
WILLET JEF 6 reps(47)
SANDPIPER, Spotted JEF 10/10(1) HD
CURLEW, Long-billed JEF 4 reps(10)
GODWIT, Marbled JEF-TXPT 10/17(3) JAW
KNOT, Red JEF 10/10(2) JAW
SANDERLING JEF 4 reps(108)
SANDPIPER, Western JEF 3 reps(15)
SANDPIPER, Least JEF 2 reps(7)
DOWITCHER species JEF 1 rep(30)
SNIPE, Common ANG 10/2(4) BPTY; JEF-TX87 10/9(1) JAW; JEF-TX87 10/10(1) JAW; JEF-TXPT 10/20(1) GD
GULL, Laughing JEF 6 reps(1838)
GULL, Franklin's JEF-SRSP 10/10(10) JAW; JEF-SRSP 10/17(44) JAW; JEF-SRSP 10/23(20) FTSW
GULL, Ring-billed JEF 3 reps(23)
GULL, Herring JEF 1 rep(3)
TERN, Gull-billed JEF-SRSP 10/10(10) JAW; JEF-SRSP 10/17(9) JAW; JEF-TX87 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(2) FTSW
TERN, Caspian JEF 3 reps(133)
TERN, Royal JEF 3 reps(401)
TERN, Forster's JEF 5 reps(271)
SKIMMER, Black JEF 2 reps(14)
DOVE, Rock JEF 6 reps(46)
DOVE, White-winged JEF-TX87 10/3(2) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/19(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(5) FTSW; JEF-SRSP 10/27(1) KS
DOVE, Mourning ANG 1 rep(5); JEF 12 reps(187); ORA 1 rep(3)
DOVE, Inca JEF 3 reps(7)
GROUND-DOVE, Common JEF-SRSP 10/27(1) KS
ANI, Groove-billed JEF-SW 10/6(1) JAW
OWL, Barn JEF-SW 10/6(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW
SCREECH-OWL, Eastern ANG 10/2(2) BPTY
OWL, Great Horned JEF-TP 10/16(1) JH; JEF-SW 10/24(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS
NIGHTHAWK, Common JEF 10/12(1) HD; JEF 10/26(1) JAW; JEF 10/27(1) JAW; JEF-BMT 10/28(1) KS
WILL'S-WIDOW, Chuck- JEF-SW 10/3(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/13(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/16(1) JAW
SWIFT, Chimney ANG 10/2(500) BPTY; ANG 10/10(20) DW; JEF 10/8(5) JAW; JEF 10/9(9) HD; JEF-NEDR 10/15(5) JAW
 HUMMINGBIRD, Buff-bellied JEF-SW 10/27(1) KS; ORA 10/9(1) KS
HUMMINGBIRD, Ruby-throated JEF 23 reps(640); ORA 2 reps(6)
HUMMINGBIRD, Black-chinned JEF-NEDR 10/16(1) JFW; JEF-NEDR 10/17(1) JFW
KINGFISHER, Belted ANG 2 reps(12); JEF 11 reps(31)
WOODPECKER, Red-headed ANG 10/2(6) BPTY; ANG 10/10(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/16(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) KS; ORA 10/9(2) KS
WOODPECKER, Red-bellied ANG 2 reps(14); JEF 1 rep(1)
SAPSUCKER, Yellow-bellied ANG 10/10(1) DW; JEF-SW 10/10(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/16(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS; ORA 10/9(1) KS
WOODPECKER, Downy ANG 2 reps(9); JEF 13 reps(44); ORA 1 rep(1)
WOODPECKER, Hairy ANG 10/10(1) DW
FLICKER, Northern ANG 10/2(3) BPTY; ANG 10/10(3) DW; JEF-TXPT 10/20(2) GD; JEF-SRSP 10/23(1) FTSW
WOODPECKER, Pileated ANG 2 reps(6)
WOOD-PEWEE, Eastern JEF 12 reps(53)
FLYCATCHER, Yellow-bellied JEF-SW 10/9(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(1) JAW
FLYCATCHER, Traill's JEF-TXPT 10/5(1) GD
FLYCATCHER, Least JEF-SW 10/3(3) KS; JEF-TX87 10/3(1) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/5(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/6(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW
EMPIDONAX species JEF-SW 10/3(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/6(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/16(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) JAW
PHOEBE, Eastern ANG 2 reps(7); JEF 9 reps(44)
FLYCATCHER, Great Crested JEF-SW 10/9(1) JAW
FLYCATCHER, Scissor-tailed ANG 2 reps(7);  JEF 13 reps(137)
SHRIKE, Loggerhead ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 9 reps(80)
VIREO, White-eyed ANG 2 reps(8); JEF 11 reps(29)
VIREO, Yellow-throated ORA 10/9(1) KS
VIREO, Blue-headed JEF-SW 10/6(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/6(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/17(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/19(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/20(2) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS
VIREO, Philadelphia ANG 10/10(2) DW; JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/20(1) GD
VIREO, Red-eyed JEF-SW 10/9(4) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(5) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) KS
JAY, Blue ANG 2 reps(10); JEF 9 reps(68); ORA 1 rep(4)
CROW, American ANG 2 reps(15)
SWALLOW, Tree ANG 1 rep(10); JEF 11 reps(566); ORA 1 rep(6)
SWALLOW, N. Rough-winged ANG 1 rep(3); JEF 4 reps(62)
SWALLOW, Cave JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW
SWALLOW, Barn JEF 5 reps(48)
CHICKADEE, Carolina ANG 2 reps(17); JEF 11 reps(12); ORA 2 reps(11)
TITMOUSE, Tufted ANG 2 reps(10); ORA 2 reps(12)
NUTHATCH, Red-breasted ANG 10/2(2) BPTY; JEF-SRSP 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(4) KS; JEF-BMT 10/27(1) RAJ
NUTHATCH, White-breasted ANG 10/2(1) BPTY
NUTHATCH, Brown-headed ANG 10/2(3) BPTY; ANG 10/10(1) DW



CREEPER, Brown JEF-SRSP 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/23(3) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(3) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(3) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/31(1) KS
WREN, Carolina ANG 1 rep(6); JEF 12 reps(19); ORA 1 rep(1)

WREN, Bewick's JEF-SRSP 10/31(1) KS
WREN, House JEF-TXPT 10/5(2) GD; JEF-SW 10/9(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/16(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/20(2) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(4) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS JEF-SW 10/27(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/31(1) KS
WREN, Winter JEF-SW 10/24(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/27(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/31(1) KS
WREN, Sedge JEF-TXPT 10/5(1) GD; JEF-TXPT 10/20(1) GD; JEF-TXPT 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-SRSP 10/27(1) KS

WREN, Marsh JEF 5 reps(20)
KINGLET, Golden-crowned JEF-SRSP 10/20(1) GD; JEF-SRSP 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(15) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(12) KS; JEF-SW 10/27(2) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/31(4) KS; JEF-SW 10/31(2) KS
KINGLET, Ruby-crowned ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 18 reps(121)
GNATCATCHER, Blue-gray ANG 1 rep(31); JEF 13 reps(129); ORA 1 rep(2)
THRUSH, Gray-cheeked JEF-SW 10/9(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(1) JAW
THRUSH, Swainson's JEF-SW 10/3(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/6(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(20) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(20) JAW; JEF-SW 10/13(8) KS; JEF-SW 10/16(10) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(10) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(6) KS; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW
THRUSH, Hermit JEF-TXPT 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(3) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/27(1) KS
THRUSH, Wood JEF-SW 10/9(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/16(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) KS
ROBIN, American JEF-NEDR 10/9(3) JAW; ORA 10/10(4) KS
CATBIRD, Gray ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 13 reps(75)
MOCKINGBIRD, Northern ANG 1 rep(3); JEF 15 reps(82); ORA 1 rep(2)
THRASHER, Brown ANG 2 reps(29); JEF 18 reps(199)
STARLING, European ANG 1 rep(3); JEF 9 reps(220); ORA 1 rep(5)
WARBLER, Blue-winged ANG 10/10(2) DW
WARBLER, Tennessee ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 8 reps(63)
WARBLER, Orange-crowned JEF13 reps(61)
WARBLER, Nashville ANG 1 rep(4) JEF10 reps(21)
PARULA, Northern ANG 2 reps(5); JEF 10 reps(22)
WARBLER, Yellow JEF-TXPT 10/5(1) GD; JEF-TX87 10/13(1) KS
WARBLER, Chestnut-sided JEF 6 reps(9)
WARBLER, Magnolia JEF 10 reps(23)
WARBLER, Black-thr. Blue JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(1) JAW
WARBLER, Yellow-rumped JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/27(1) KS
WARBLER, Black-thr. Gray JEF-SRSP 10/31(1) KS
WARBLER, Black-th. Green ANG 2 reps(5); JEF 11 reps(16)
WARBLER, Yellow-throated JEF-SW 10/6(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS
WARBLER, Pine ANG 2 reps(20); JEF 1 rep(1)
WARBLER, Palm JEF-SRSP 10/6(2) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/27(5) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/31(2) KS
WARBLER, Bay-breasted JEF-SRSP 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/31(1) KS
WARBLER, Black-and-white JEF 8 reps(27)
REDSTART, American ANG 10/2(1) BPTY; ANG 10/10(2) DW; JEF-SW 10/3(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/6(4) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/7(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/9(8) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(5) JAW; JEF-SW 10/13(4) KS; JEF-SW 10/16(8) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(5) JAW JEF-SW 10/17(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/27(1) KS
OVENBIRD JEF-SW 10/6(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(10) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(10) JAW; JEF-SW 10/13(4) KS; JEF-SW 10/16(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/20(1) GD
YELLOWTHROAT, Common ANG 2 reps(3); JEF 13 reps(47)
WARBLER, Hooded JEF-SW 10/3(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/6(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(16) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(12) JAW; JEF-SW 10/13(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/16(7) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(5) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(3) KS
WARBLER, Wilson's ANG 10/10(1) DW; JEF-SW 10/3(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/3(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/6(2) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/7(2) GD; JEF-SW 10/13(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/13(1) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/19(1) GD; JEF-TXPT 10/20(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW JEF-SW 10/24(3) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(2) KS
CHAT, Yellow-breasted JEF 10/4(2) HD; JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/10(1) JAW
TANAGER, Summer ANG 1 rep(3); JEF 6 reps(26)
TANAGER, Scarlet JEF-SW 10/9(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(3) JAW; JEF-TX87 10/10(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/13(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/16(3) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(3) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(3) KS
 TOWHEE, Eastern JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/27(1) KS
SPARROW, Chipping JEF-TXPT 10/5(2) GD; JEF-SRSP 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-TX87 10/24(1) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/27(1) KS
SPARROW, Clay-colored JEF-TXPT 10/5(1) GD; JEF-TXPT 10/20(2) GD; JEF-TXPT 10/23(2) FTSW
SPARROW, Field JEF-SW 10/24(2) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/24(5) KS
SPARROW, Vesper JEF-SRSP 10/27(1) KS
SPARROW, Lark JEF-SW 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) KS
SPARROW, Savannah JEF-TX87 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/17(6) JAW; JEF-TXPT 10/19(1) GD; JEF-SRSP 10/23(3) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) JAW
SPARROW, Grasshopper JEF-TXPT 10/5(1) GD
SPARROW, Nelson's Sharp-t. JEF-TXPT 10/5(3) GD; JEF-TXPT 10/7(4) GD; JEF-SRSP 10/13(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/13(18) KS; JEF-TXPT 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(5) FTSW; JEF-TX87 10/24(12) KS; JEF-TX87 10/27(13) KS
SPARROW, Seaside JEF 5 reps(55)
SPARROW, Song JEF-TX87 10/13(1) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/27(1) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/31(1) KS
SPARROW, Lincoln's JEF-TXPT 10/5(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/16(1) JAW; JEF-TXPT 10/20(2) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(3) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(3) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(1) KS; JEF-TX87 10/24(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/31(1) KS
SPARROW, Swamp JEF-TXPT 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-TXPT 10/19(1) GD; JEF-TXPT 10/20(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(5) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(5) JAW; JEF-SW 10/24(4) KS; JEF-TX87 10/24(2) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/27(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/27(3) KS JEF-TX87 10/27(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/31(6) KS
SPARROW, White-throated JEF-SW 10/23(6) FTSW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(3) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(5) JAW; JEF-TX87 10/24(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/27(11) KS; JEF-TX87 10/27(1) KS; JEF-SRSP 10/31(2) KS; JEF-SW 10/31(4) KS
SPARROW, White-crowned JEF-TXPT 10/20(2) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW; JEF-TXPT 10/23(3) FTSW; JEF-SW 10/24(3) JAW; JEF-TX87 10/24(6) KS; JEF-SW 10/27(10) KS; JEF-TX87 10/27(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/31(3) KS
JUNCO, Dk-eyed (White Wing.) JEF-SRSP 10/23(1) FTSW
CARDINAL, Northern ANG 2 reps(27); JEF 9 reps(61); ORA 1 rep(3)
GROSBEAK, Rose-breasted ANG 10/10(1) DW; JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/9(14) JAW; JEF-SW 10/10(6) JAW; JEF-SW 10/13(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/16(5) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(9) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(3) KS; JEF-SW 10/23(2) FTSW
GROSBEAK, Blue JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/17(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/17(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/20(1) GD; JEF-SW 10/23(1) FTSW
BUNTING, Indigo ANG 2 reps(111); JEF 12 reps(144); ORA 1 rep(5)
BUNTING, Painted ANG 10/10(1) DW; JEF-SW 10/10(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/16(2) JAW; ORA 10/9(1) KS
BLACKBIRD, Red-winged JEF 4 reps(56)
MEADOWLARK, Eastern JEF 1 rep(1)
MEADOWLARK species JEF 1 rep(1)
GRACKLE, Common ANG 1 rep(22); JEF 2 reps(9); ORA 1 rep(2)
GRACKLE, Boat-tailed JEF 7 reps(204)
GRACKLE, Great-tailed JEF 5 reps(202)
COWBIRD, Brown-headed JEF 3 reps(14)
BLACKBIRD species JEF 1 rep(50)
ORIOLE, Baltimore JEF 10/5(2) HD; JEF-SW 10/6(1) KS; JEF-SW 10/13(1) KS
ORIOLE, Bullock's JEF-SW 10/24(1) JAW; JEF-SW 10/27(1) KS
GOLDFINCH, Lawrence's JEF-TX87 10/17(10) JAW
SPARROW, House JEF 2 reps(9); ORA 1 rep(10)

Number of Species 201
Number of Individuals 14695


County Abbreviations: 
ANG - Angelina; JEF - Jefferson; ORA - Orange
 Location Codes: 
BMT - Beaumont; NEDR - Nederland; SRSP - Sea Rim State Park; SW - Sabine Woods; TP - Tyrrell Park incl. Cattail Marsh; TX87 - Texas 87 Pt. Arthur-Sabine Pass-Sea Rim; TXPT - Road to Pilot Station at Texas Point

Observer Abbreviations:
BPTY - Nancy Bird, Louis Debetaz, Carroll Moore, Lynn Smith, Jack Windsor; DW - Louis Debetaz and Jack Windsor; FTSW - Field Trip to Sabine Woods; GD - Gerald Duhon; HD - Howard Davis; JAW - John Whittle; JFW - Jana Whittle; JH - Joe Halbrook; KS - Ken Sztraky; RAJ - Rose Ann Jordan

Details of Very Rare Species

Buff-bellied Hummingbird -- 9 and 27 Oct 1999 -- Ken Sztraky
 Bird on 9 Oct was at a feeder in Vidor (photographed).  Bird on 27 Oct. in Sabine Woods identified by call note. (The bird has been sighted visually several times in November.)

Cave Swallow -- 23 October 1999 -- John Whittle
 Feeding in a flock of swallows circling over Sabine Woods. Approximately same size as the numerous Tree Swallows in the flock. Dark brownish black above, but attention was drawn to the bird because of its buff rump. The bird then came low overhead, when its throat was seen to be orange of buff. The forehead did not show any white. Squared off tail.

Red-breasted Nuthatch -- 23-24 October 1999 -- John Whittle
 Seen at the Willows at Sea Rim State Park (two on 23 Oct) and Sabine Woods (four on 24 Oct). Typical nuthatch, gray above, rusty red below, black cap and eye-line.

Brown Creeper -- 23-24 October 1999 -- John Whittle
 Three at Sabine Woods and one at The Willows at Sea Rim (23 Oct) and three at Sabine Woods (24 Oct). Creeper, brown speckled with white above, white below.

Veery -- 9 October 1999 -- John Whittle
 Two birds seen in Sabine Woods foraging somewhat lethargically on floor of woods, occasionally perching on very low branches. Two slightly differently marked birds were encountered several times each.
 Medium sized thrush with very warm brown above, band of very bright buff across upper breast with fine dark streaks, especially down sides of band. Rest of underparts very pale; pink legs; no noticeable eye-ring or pale lores.

Gray-cheeked Thrush -- 9-10 October 1999  -- John Whittle
 Probably two in Sabine Woods on 9 Oct, and one on 10 Oct.
 Medium sized thrushes with medium brown upperparts; pale below with prominent brown throat spots. Grayish brown face, without noticeable eyering. Fairly long tail; pink legs.

Black-throated Blue Warbler -- 9-10 Oct 1999 -- John Whittle
 Male of nominate race seen in Sabine Woods. On both days, bird was encountered numerous times, usually in the western most of the three main woodlots, typically between six inches and three feet above the ground in scattered undergrowth. Bird was also seen near the center of the dried up pond.
 Medium-large warbler, medium blue above, including all of back. White below, with characteristic white patch near bend of wing. Black lower face and line along flanks, intense and narrow.

Black-throated Gray Warbler -- 31 October 1999 -- Ken Sztraky
 Seen and photographed at The Willows at Sea Rim State Park. Distinct black cap, throat and eye patch/line; visible yellow loral spot; streaking on body near wings.

Scarlet Tanager -- 9-10 and 16  October 1999 -- John Whittle
 One male seen at Sabine Woods 9 Oct; probably four males there on 10 Oct; three on 16 Oct. Greenish yellow with strongly contrasting black wings. Bill very pale.

Scarlet Tanager -- 13 and 17 October 1999 -- Ken Sztraky
 Seen in Sabine Woods there and eating seeds. Lime green with contrasting black wings.

Clay-colored Sparrow - 5 October 1999 -- Gerald Duhon
 One bird seen on road to Pilot Station at Texas Point in company of some Lincoln's Sparrows and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Long-tailed 
 sparrow, clear breast, substantial gray collar. White median crown stripe bordered by dark laterals. White supercilium, buffy cheek patch clearly outlined with dark borders on three sides. Clear lores. Bright white sub-moustachial stripe, and thin, dark malar stripe. Mantle ground color was sandy.
Clay-colored Sparrow -- 23 October 1999 -- John Whittle
 Road to Pilot Station at Sabine Pass. Two were among a mixed flock of 10-12 sparrows (Lincoln's, Swamp, White-crowned) which moved along the sides of the road ahead of the observers for at least 1/4 mile, and then back again  as the observers returned.
 Medium sized sparrow, brown above, clear below, with brownish facial patch from eye-level down; whitish fairly thick eye-line; buffy breast below whitish throat. Medium long, notched tail. Fairly light bill. Birds also seen by John Haynes and Steve Mayes.

Savannah Sparrow -- 6 October 1999 -- Ken Sztraky
 Highway 87 at McFaddin NWR. Sparrow with yellow loral spot and lots of streaking on body. Very early for this species.


Song Sparrow -- 13 October 1999 -- Ken Sztraky
 Road to Pilot Station at Texas Point. Pair of very distinct 
moustachial/malar stripes, breast "stickpin", and had streaks on the breast and flanks. Very early in fall for this species.

Dark-eyed (White-winged) Junco --  23 Oct. 1999 -- John Whittle
 Seen at the Willows at Sea Rim State Park. The bird flew onto the ground at the base of a willow tree (which was the subject of the observers attention because it had a Brown Creeper on it). It flew away after about half a minute.
 Medium large sparrow with pink bill, pale gray head and back with darker gray at the base of the bill; two reasonably prominent white wing bars; white outer tail feathers. Underside was not seen.
 The White-winged race of the Dark-eyed Junco is not the expected race in Texas, certainly not in South-east Texas. Without the opportunity to study the bird at length, it was not possible to attempt to rule out an intergrade between the White-winged and Slate-colored races.

Bullock's Oriole -- 24 October 1999 -- John Whittle
 First year male seen in Sabine Woods. Bird was moving around from tops of trees to dead trees in floor of dried up pond.
 Medium-large oriole, with black back and wings and strong white wing bar. Bright yellow otherwise, but with black bib below bill. Sides of head yellow, not quite so bright. Sharp gray bill.

Bullock's Oriole -- 27 October 1999 -- Ken Sztraky
 Large "orange-ish" bird seen feeding in the tops of oak trees in Sabine Woods. Pair of white wing bars. Area around legs was off-white.

Bird Alerts

 We have a much to report this month. First, here is an update to the Sandhill Cranes.
 The cranes were originally found on November 6, when Jane Wilson of Sour Lake and her husband credibly reported seeing a Whooping Crane mixed in with three or four hundred Sandhill Cranes which were then feeding in harvested rice fields east and west of Ebner Road in far west Jefferson County, right on the Liberty County line. The following day, the cranes were seen from Ebner Road, a mile or two east of the road near the LNVA canal that runs almost north-south through that area. The Whooping Crane was not seen, however. The Cranes were not relocated on November 20 during the post-field-trip exploration of the area in mid afternoon. However, sixteen Cranes were seen the following day, west of Ebner Road, but in Liberty County, south of CR1011. On the afternoon of November 25, a large flock, estimated at seven hundred, of Sandhill Cranes was located as the birds left their feeding ground east of League Road, near where League jogs east-west and then tuns north-south again (at the southern end of Heisig Road). They were there again the following day, and a count of 775 was obtained. The farmer/-landowner indicated that he has been seeing cranes on his land for four or five years, but he wasn't clear as to how many or how often. On November 28, the cranes were feeding about two miles further north, just north of the east-west section of road which may be Willis Road or League Road or Johnson Road (or maybe all three). The best estimate of numbers on this occasion was 850. On clear days at least, they have been leaving the feeding ground between 5:10 and 5:20 p.m. and flying west, almost certainly into Liberty County west of the southern extension of Ebner Road. There are no public roads in that area. 
 If you want to try to observe the sights and sounds of this large assemblage of cranes, it is suggested that you start searching for them about 4 p.m. or shortly after. Willis Road is the east-west road which crosses FM1406 2.9 miles north of the Chambers County line or 2.7 miles south of the intersection with FM365. Willis Road runs about 2 miles west from FM1406 before it dead ends into Ebner Road. Check Ebner Road (both sides) south to the dead end and north to at least where it turns west, and crosses the county line into Liberty County as CR1011. Be sure to look as far east as you can from the northern part of Ebner towards the levee of the LNVA canal in the area. (This is where they were on Nov. 6 and 7.) Return to FM1406 and check both sides of Willis Road east of it. After about a mile Old League Road goes off north. Check carefully on both sides for the next mile -- the cranes were north of here on Nov. 28 -- until you come to League Road going south. (The road straight ahead is Johnson Road.) Turn south down League Road and proceed for two miles, looking carefully, especially to the east of the road. League Road then turns east at a pipeline station. (This is the area the birds were in on Nov 25 and 26.) If you still haven't found  the cranes, try continuing east on League Road about a mile (check the north side), and then straight ahead on the shell road (Heisig Road). This soon turns north, and in two or three miles, turns west and immediately joins Johnson Road. Straight ahead for a mile takes you back to where you turned south on League. Or you can turn right (north) on Johnson Road, which runs into FM365 after about two miles. There are also several Crested Caracaras and a probable Rough-legged Hawk in the area. Please report any crane sightings.
 Elsewhere, feeders at the Whittle residence in Nederland are being frequented by both a male Black-chinned Hummingbird and an adult male Rufous Hummingbird. The Buff-bellied Humming-bird at Sabine Woods is still there; the status of the Vidor bird is not known.
 Ken Sztraky reports a male Western Tanager and a Least Fly-catcher at Sabine Woods during the last few days of November. 

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