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Bird Sightings - July 2000

Coverage: Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Angelina, San Augustine and Sabine counties. Send Reports to: John Whittle, 3015 Nashville Avenue, Nederland, Texas 77627-6749 by the 10th of the month after or e-mail to or call (409) 880-8276 or fax to (409) 880-8270. For "very rare" birds, please submit a brief account of your sighting, including a description of the bird (unless unmistakable), brief details of what it was doing, and where it was seen (if on publicly accessible property).

Format: "Common" to "abundant" birds are shown in the fashion "JEF 4 reps(25)" which means four reports in Jefferson County totaling 25 birds. Less than "common", as "JEF-SW 7/5(2) ABC", which means seen in Jefferson County

(JEF) at Sabine Woods (SW) on the 5th of July, two (2) birds, reported by observer "ABC".

Commentary: The ornithological highlight of the year so far in the Golden Triangle area was the sighting, reported in detail in last month's Brown Pelican, of an Aplomado Falcon along the beach near the entrance to McFaddin Wildlife Refuge on July 6. Always welcome are reports from the "lakes area." In this instance, these serve to remind us that many of the migrants we seek in the spring and fall do actually nest not very far north of us. July also brings the beginning of fall shorebird migration, as early migrants -- probably largely birds whose breeding attempts failed -- begin to show in in suitable habitat.

CORMORANT, Neotropic JEF 1 rep(13)

ANHINGA ANG 1 rep(4)

BITTERN, Least JEF 7/16(1) KS

HERON, Great Blue JEF 3 reps(3)

EGRET, Great ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 2 reps(6)

EGRET, Snowy ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 2 reps(5)

HERON, Little Blue ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 2 reps(11)

HERON, Tricolored JEF 2 reps(5)

EGRET, Cattle ANG 1 rep(60); JEF 4 reps(49)

HERON, Green ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 2 reps(5)

NIGHT-HERON, Black-cr. JEF 1 rep(1)

IBIS, White JEF 2 reps(2)

IBIS, Plegadis JEF 2 reps(12)

STORK, Wood JEF 7/23(2) KS

VULTURE, Black JEF 2 reps(6)

VULTURE, Turkey ANG 1 rep(4); JEF 3 reps(9)

DUCK, Mottled JEF 7/16(1) KS

KITE, Swallow-tailed JEF 7/21(1) SR

EAGLE, Bald ANG 7/7(1) BDG

HAWK, Broad-winged JEF-BMT 7/5(1) JAW; JEF-BMT 7/7(1) JAW; JEF 7/10(1) JAW; JEF-BMT 7/10(1) JAW; JEF 7/12(1) JAW

HAWK, Red-tailed ANG 7/7(3) BDG; ORA 7/9(1) KS

FALCON, Aplomado JEF-MCFW 7/6(1) TL

BOBWHITE, Northern JEF 3 reps(11)

GALLINULE, Purple ANG 7/7(2) BDG

PLOVER, Black-bellied JEF 1 rep(2)

PLOVER, Wilson's JEF 1 rep(4)

KILLDEER JEF 5 reps(15)

STILT, Black-necked JEF 3 reps(11)

YELLOWLEGS, Greater JEF-TX87 7/8(1) JAW

YELLOWLEGS, Lesser JEF 7/16(1) KS

WILLET JEF 1 rep(7)

SANDPIPER, Spotted ANG 7/7(1) BDG


GULL, Laughing JEF 2 reps(1648)

TERN, Gull-billed JEF 1 rep(8)

TERN, Caspian JEF 1 rep(5)

TERN, Royal JEF 1 rep(68)

TERN, Sandwich JEF 1 rep(54)

TERN, Common JEF-SRSP 7/8(16) JAW

TERN, Forster's ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 2 reps(40)

TERN, Least JEF 1 rep(164)

TERN, Black JEF 1 rep(20)

SKIMMER, Black JEF 1 rep(1)

DOVE, Rock ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 2 reps(13)

DOVE, White-winged JEF 7/23(1) KS

DOVE, Mourning ANG 1 rep(10); JEF 3 reps(68)

DOVE, Inca JEF 1 rep(2); ORA 1 rep(2)

CUCKOO, Yellow-billed ANG 1 rep(3); JEF 3 reps(5); ORA 1 rep(2)

ROADRUNNER, Greater ANG 7/7(2) BDG

OWL, Barn JEF-SW 7/16(1) KS

OWL, Great Horned JEF-SW 7/16(1) KS

NIGHTHAWK, Common JEF 3 reps(11)

SWIFT, Chimney ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 2 reps(8); ORA 1 rep(3)

HUMMINGBIRD, Ruby-thr. JEF-SW 7/30(1) KS; ORA 7/16(3) KS; ORA 7/23(3) KS; ORA 7/30(3) KS


WOODPECKER, Red-bellied ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 2 reps(2); ORA 1 rep(2)

WOODPECKER, Downy ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 3 reps(4)

WOODPECKER, Pileated ANG 1 rep(2)

WOOD-PEWEE, Eastern ANG 1 rep(1)

EMPIDONAX species JEF-SW 7/16(1) KS; JEF-TX87 7/16(1) KS

KINGBIRD, Eastern ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 3 reps(28)

FLYCATCHER, Scissor-tail. ANG 1 rep(8); JEF 3 reps(11)

SHRIKE, Loggerhead ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 3 reps(19)

VIREO, White-eyed ANG 1 rep(21); JEF 1 rep(1)

VIREO, Yellow-throated ANG 1 rep(4)

VIREO, Red-eyed ANG 1 rep(8)

JAY, Blue ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 3 reps(19)

CROW, American ANG 1 rep(3)

CROW, Fish JEF 7/2(2) JAW; JEF-TX87 7/16(1) KS

CROW, species JEF 2 reps(6)

MARTIN, Purple ANG 1 rep(1); JEF 6 reps(613)



SWALLOW, Barn ANG 1 rep(50); JEF 5 reps(90)

CHICKADEE, Carolina ANG 1 rep(4); ORA 1 rep(2)

TITMOUSE, Tufted ANG 1 rep(10); ORA 1 rep(3)

WREN, Carolina ANG 1 rep(4)

WREN, Marsh JEF 7/16(4) KS

GNATCATCHER, Blue-gray ANG 7/7(3) BDG

BLUEBIRD, Eastern ANG 1 rep(1); ORA 2 reps(4)

THRUSH, Wood ANG 7/7(2) BDG

ROBIN, American JEF 2 reps(6)

MOCKINGBIRD, Northern ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 3 reps(59)

STARLING, European ANG 1 rep(4); JEF 5 reps(39)

PARULA, Northern ANG 1 rep(1)

WARBLER, Yellow-throated ANG 7/7(1) BDG

WARBLER, Pine ANG 1 rep(11)

WARBLER, Black-and-white ANG 7/7(2) BDG; JEF-SW 7/16(2) KS

YELLOWTHROAT, Common JEF 2 reps(5)

WARBLER, Hooded ANG 1 rep(3)

CHAT, Yellow-breasted ANG 7/7(6) BDG

TANAGER, Summer ANG 1 rep(3)

SPARROW, Field ANG 7/7(2) BDG

CARDINAL, Northern ANG 1 rep(25); JEF 3 reps(10)


BUNTING, Indigo ANG 7/7(20) BDG

BUNTING, Painted ANG 7/7(5) BDG; JEF-TX87 7/16(1) KS; ORA 7/9(3) KS


BLACKBIRD, Red-winged ANG 1 rep(8); JEF 3 reps(32)

MEADOWLARK, Eastern JEF 2 reps(4)

MEADOWLARK species JEF 2 reps(2)

GRACKLE, Common JEF 2 reps(29)

GRACKLE, Boat-tailed JEF 1 rep(40)

GRACKLE, Great-tailed JEF 2 reps(25)

COWBIRD, Brown-headed ANG 1 rep(9); JEF 2 reps(10)

ORIOLE, Orchard JEF 2 reps(16)

SPARROW, House ANG 1 rep(2); JEF 2 reps(16); ORA 2 reps(10)

Number of Species 106

Number of Individuals 3813

County Abbreviations:

ANG - Angelina; JEF - Jefferson; ORA - Orange


Location Codes:

BMT - Beaumont; MCFW - McFaddin NWR; NEDR - Nederland; SRSP - Sea Rim State Park; SW - Sabine Woods; TX87 - Texas 87 Pt. Arthur-Sabine Pass-Sea Rim

Observer Abbreviations:

BDG - Nancy Bird, Louis Debetaz, Georgette Guemsey; JAW - John Whittle; KS - Ken Sztraky; SR - Sherrie Roden; TL -Travis Lewing