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Spring 2000 Migration Summary

Once again, we present, largely in tabular form, a summary of the sightings of passerine neotropical migrants. The methodology employed was as follows. We considered four "locations": Sabine Woods, the Willows at Sea Rim State Park, the road to the Pilot Station at Texas Point, and points elsewhere along Texas 87 west of Sabine Pass. If there were multiple reports for any given location on any given day, the highest count for each species submitted by any of the observers was used. The counts for each of the four locations were added to determine the total of that species reported on that day. It will be noted that there were many more reports from Sabine Woods than for any of the other sites.

The following observers submitted reports for multiple days: Gerald Duhon, Pat and Don Jeane, Steve Mayes, Ken Sztraky, Tex Wells and John Whittle. Others whose reports were used were Joe Halbrook, Howard Davis, Carol Lynn Loker, and Ron Weeks. Our apologies to anyone we may have inadvertently omitted.

Not included in the tables are the Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warblers seen in Sabine Woods on March 26, April 8 and April 15, the Brewster's Warbler seen there on May 3, and a Western Tanager reported on the Texas Rare Bird Alert as having been seen at Sabine Woods, also on May 3.

Cuckoos Flycatchers WarblersEarly WarblersLate