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Golden Triangle Audubon Society

Mission Statement:

GOLDEN TRIANGLE AUDUBON is dedicated to promoting an increased awareness of birds in Texas. GOLDEN TRIANGLE AUDUBON is for everyone! Founded in 1996, the organization has 
a growing number of amateurs and professionals interested in birds and birding in Texas. GOLDEN TRIANGLE AUDUBON hosts a series of Field Trips throughout the year - opportunities to hone your 
birding skills. Our publication, the Brown Pelican, is a wealth of information featuring articles about Texas birds, birders, and birding locales; illustrations and photography, research paper, seasonal 
highlights, and much more! GOLDEN TRIANGLE AUDUBON welcomes everyone to explore our web site. Learn more about our organization and ways to become involved with Texas bird life. Any 
questions or comments? Just email or


  • To promote scientific research and education in order to improve knowledge and awareness of birds in Texas. 

  • To publish a journal of Texas birdlife - Brown Pelican, A Journal of Texas Birds. 

  • To keep a permanent historical record of Texas bird life. 

  • To maintain an up-to-date state checklist of Texas birds produced by the Society's Texas Ornithological Records Committee. 

  • To support the well being of birds and birding in Texas. 

  • To encourage others to become interested in birds and birding in Texas. 

Board of Directors

Ken Sztraky (768-1203) 

Steve Mayes (722-5807) 

Nancy Fisher (751-0119)

Recording Secretary 
Jana Whittle (722-4193) 

Corresponding Secretary 
John Whittle (722-4193)

Bob Collier (892-6654)
Joe Halbrook (892-3090)
John Hayes (724-6842)
Jeannie Lancios (724-1307) 
Sherrie Roden (962-7911)
Mary Stafford (962-8070)


Jana Whittle (722-4193)
Field Trips 
Steve Mayes (722-5807) 
Joe Halbrook (892-3090) 
Volunteer Needed 
Volunteer Needed 
Jeannie Lanclos (724-1307) 
Newsletter Editor 
John Whittle (722-4193) 
3015 Nashville Ave. 
Nederland, TX 77627-6749 
The Brown Pelican 
is published monthly except July by the
Golden Triangle Audubon Society
P. O. Box 1292
Nederland, Texas 

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